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U Pick Flowers
What to Expect

1.   Dress for the weather. You may want to bring a cold drink and sunscreen.

2.   We have a clean portable restroom available for visitors.

3.   If you have a favorite vase you can bring it to take your flowers home in.

4.   If you have a pair of pruners you like you can bring them to avoid having to wait 

      for a pair if it is busy. (we have a lot so don't be too worried)

5.   Park in the driveway or the grass next to the driveway. Then cross the road to the


6.   You can take a pair of snips and a "pickin' pitcher" to put your flowers in as you 

       cut. (pickin' pitchers are not for sale) We have guides posted throughout the farm 

       with tips on how to best cut the different types of flowers. 

7.   Please don't hesitate to cut anything you want. Remember you can usually cut                  deeper than you think, even if you have to strip a few buds off to get the bloom you 


8.   After you have made your selection you can return to the shed to arrange your

      bouquet. Flower sleeves and rubber bands are complimentary to help you prepare 

      your creation.

9.   When you are finished, please return your pickin' pitcher and pay. You may wish 

      to bring your own vase to take your flowers home in. Flowers love 

      to stay hydrated. We have water to fill your vase.

10. Make sure you take time to enjoy the beauty.

U Pick is closed for the season.
See you in 2024!
Hours and Location

Open 7 days a week for our 2023 season.

dawn to dusk

Open Daily...Self-Serve

No staff on duty and shed will be closed.

(cash, check or venmo only)

Very clean portable restroom with sink always available next to garage.

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